What Shoes Do You Wear With Leather Pants

The faux leather pants are a very trendy and bold piece of the women’s wardrobe. they have made a tremendous comeback in the last few seasons in various styles: Black, high-waisted, skinny, flared, and more.


Pick out a comfy yet stylish piece for an accented rock attitude. Be mindful, however, to avoid a total head to toe leather look! For a feminine and chic style, opt for a combination of different fabrics and prints. However, with what shoes should you wear your faux leather pants? with flats or heels, casual or classy, here are our styling inspiration tips!

Wrap-Tie Satin Slingback Pumps

Faux leather pants with pumps to wear with leather pants

Pumps paired with faux leather pants will surely accentuate a definitely flirty, chic and feminine figure with personality. Whether you choose a solid or a printed style for a twist, your sophisticated high heeled pumps will elevate any look.

For a very sophisticated style, combine a loose-fitting blazer with a top in plain colors like white, black or khaki, or more vibrant colors such as red to pull off the whole look.




Faux leather trousers with boots

Pointed Toe Metallic Heel Sock Orange Boot



The combo of black leather pants with boots, is definitively the ultimate fashion mix, no matter whether you go for flats or heeled boots, buckled, strapped, or sleek leather, you will carry off a trendy and rock attitude in a chic way.

Matched with an oversized blazer, that adds contrast and structure to the low-cut look with style and graceful appeal, they are perfect to wear at work or at night, and are a great way to dress up your day.

What Shoes Do You Wear With Leather Pants

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